Read chapters 2 & 3 in OpenStax and answer the following questions below.
This is our online textbook.

Each answer should be 2-3 substantial paragraphs in length. An average size paragraph is 6 -8 sentences long. Each answer should contain information with references from the textbook, for example ( OpenStax 2.3 ).

Chapter 2

1) Give some examples as to why Europe felt the need to explore & conquer other territories

2) The book discusses religious upheaval all across Europe; talk about some of the religious tension that these countries were going through. Why does coming to America make any difference?

3) How did the “Columbian Exchange” change the existing world? Are they any examples that you can still see that affecting us today?

Chapter 3

4) After a challenging and very rocky start, what was it that actually enabled British colonies to survive in the new world?

5) What were some ways that this new world….this new America , was affected by European colonization?

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