Read the excerpts from The American Story and write a brief response to ONE of the questions below. Write your response in one or two paragraphs of AT LEAST 250 words in length. Your answers must be derived only from the textbook. You must refrain from using any outside sources especially from the internet. Any discussion board posts that use an online or other outside source will receive a zero for the assignment. Consider these Posts mini-essays: instead of repeating and answering each individual question discuss them in the context of coherent whole.

Read pages (145-169) in Chapter 5 of The American Story. How did the colonists view the Stamp Act (1765) and Tea Act (1773)? How did these laws contribute to the start of the American Revolution (1775)?
Read pages 193-210 in Chapter 6 of The American Story. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation (1781-1787)? What happened during Shays’ Rebellion? How did both contribute to the movement for a Constitutional Convention (1787)?

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