Answer all the following prompts/questions in essay form.  There is no minimum or maximum length requirements for each prompt.  Each student should submit what they consider to be their best work.  Answers should be well reasoned and researched.

  1. Explain the main arguments for and against public contracting.
  2. What is the “hollow state” and how does it apply to contracting?
  3. Read the Ten Commandments of Purchasing by Suzanne Dallimore (attached in the course shell). How does her advice inform the skill set needed to be a successful contract/procurement manager?
  4. Research and describe a successful Public Private Partnership at any government level. What main tenant made it successful?  What was the greatest challenge?
  5. Imagine you are a newly elected mayor of a large city and want to emulate Mayor Giuliani’s effort to privatize many services in NYC. What three takeaways from his experience would you use to convince your city council to pursue aggressive privatization policies and what three takeaways would you avoid?


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