Prepare responses to the following concept-check questions. Each question response must be a minimum of 100 words, properly cited in APA format, as well as a quality and thorough response in order to receive full credit.


  1. (DBMS)What is a database management system? What functions does it perform? Provide examples of two different DBMS solutions (vendor and typical uses).
  2. (Two-Phase Update) Using the two-step commit, describe how to avoid assigning one seat to two people, as in the airline example. That is, list precisely which steps the database manager should follow in assigning passengers to seats.
  3. (Aggregate)Discuss a situation in which the sensitivity of an aggregate is greater than that of its constituent values. What about a situation in which the sensitivity of an aggregate is less than that of its constituent values?
  4. (Database Security Requirements) Discuss the basic security requirements of database systems.
  5. (CIA Triad) Discuss each of the principles of the CIA triad as they relate to database systems.


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