1. The paper is ten (10) pages, including the
title page, abstract, and reference page(s). It will be typewritten and double-spaced, using Times Roman, 12 font, and 1-inch margins. Any deviation from the format described above will result in the deduction of points.
4. Correct grammar and punctuation is required.
5. Research paper topic is the drug of your choice. This may be ANY drug that you choose to research (aspirin, cocaine, etc).

6. The paper will use the APA writing style (6th Edition) format with
internal documentation and a “Reference” page listing no less than five references. “Wikepedia” is not an acceptable source. The Internet may be used to access information from scholarly journals, libraries, etc. Google Scholar is an excellent database for research materials.

7. A minimum of five (5) references are required for this research

Research paper topics: You may choose any drug that you want to research. It may be legal, illegal, street or prescription.

Research paper hints: Please use the following questions to lead you as you research and write your paper. Make sure that it includes the following information.

 What is the drug listed?
 Are there other names that this drug is listed under? If so, list them. Ex. Sertaline = Zoloft
 What is the drugs classification?
 Stimulant, depressant, opiate, etc.
 What DEA Schedule does the drug currently fall under?
 If it is not listed under the DEA Sch. For controlled drugs; then STATE this.
 What is the drug normally prescribed for?
 Does it have a recreational use? If so, describe.
 What are the effects of this drug?
 How is it generally ingested into the system?
 What is the normal dosage?
 What are the symptoms of an overdose?
 At what concentration has death been reported?

Chosen drug;Marijuana

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