Format Instructions:

 Length – 4 pages – (not including a References and Cover Page)

 Double-spaced, size 11 or 12 font, margins 1” left, right, upper and lower.

 Use the APA format for references.

 Cite all borrowed language in quotations (not more than 10% of your paper)

 Research must include 6 different sources – not more than 3 internet sources

 Bibliography / Reference Page should be in “end note” format

 NO Abstract, table of contents, running head required for this paper

You are required to write a critical analysis of the disease of your choice.Included in this analysis, you will need to explain how the disease you chose affects the various body systems where relevant . The following relevant and concise information must (if pertinent) be included in your write up.

 Name of disease

 History of the disease / Demographic Data: Age, sex, race, distribution in population

 Description of disease

 Anatomy of the system(s) involved

 Effects on other body systems

 Cause of disease

 Signs and symptoms

 Diagnosis of the disease

 Complications, if any

 Treatment and side effects

Conclusion should include the following:

 Brief mention of current or proposed research that may significantly impact the disease.

 Prevention strategies if any

 Your insight / opinion

Disease of choice;Sickle cell anemia

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