Topic of the paper: Write a testimony to policymakers and legislators about promoting ways to help students with student debt.

(This is not an essay. See below bullet points to talk about in the paper. Make sure to keep the below points in the paper and write under each bullet point)

– Issue Summary (talk about the issues of student debt in America and why it’s important to help students with ways to lower or get rid of student debt. Also highlight student debt issue and concerns in Boston University)
– Who You Are and What Organization You Represent (you can say name is Jane Doe and that you are a student at Boston University and you are part of the “Student Body Group” and you represent this group in relation to this topic)
– Why should your topic and position become public policy? (Identify key concepts in favor of your position as well as weakness in your opponents arguments. Be sure to justify your arguments by citing relevant evidence.)
– Key Stakeholders of this issue (Identify who are the key stakeholders or people in this issue/topic and explain why they are stakeholders of this topic)
– Conclusion: (restate/review your position and thank the committee/take force of policy makers and legislators for giving you the opportunity to speak)

(Some helpful ideas for writing the paper. Try to use factual arguments and data as evidence to support your position. If you want to use personal story or anecdotes to demonstrate your position, you can. Use self-explanatory headings and sub-headings throughout, use short paragraphs and sentences, and use graphs, tables and annotations if necessary. Bullet-points is also acceptable as long as they add clarity to the report – but don’t overuse them. Support all your arguments and recommendations with relevant literature and/or analysis. Use professional language, highlight key points in an executive summary, be thorough in your analysis, justify your recommendations.)

Paper should be about 4.5 half pages (Double spaced, Times new Roman, Font 12).
Cite sources in APA format

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