Teachers and principals often say that Latinx and Black and parents living in poverty don’t care
about their children’s education. Blaming school failure on individual students and their families is
called deficit thinking in the educational literature.
This essay has two parts:
Part 1. Explain what deficit theory is and outline how it contributes to educational inequity, using
the work of 3-5 theorists to support your explanation.
Part 2. Create a plan for a Professional Development (PD) session that would work to undo deficit
thinking among teachers in your district. Your plan must address the following five areas.
1. Developing cultural lenses toward teaching.
2. Balancing caring and academics.
3. Recognizing and activating strengths in family backgrounds and knowledge.
4. Eliciting students’ potential.
5. Facilitating an engaging curriculum.
For each of the five areas you must also incorporate and cite educational scholars. You must include
the ideas of at least one scholar per each of the five areas (for a total of five different scholars). Use
headings to help to ensure that you have addressed each of the five areas. Everything must be done
in APA style.

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