Dean is 49 and has a brand-new sports car, a new look, new interests, and has turned to extracurricular activities—he has become less interested in being with Leah, his wife of 25 years, and suddenly more interested in going to night clubs to drink, dance, and gain the attention of younger women. After experiencing burn-out a few years ago and being laid-off from his job, Dean took time off to return to school. He earned a graduate degree and then had to begin his new career at a lower level and work his way up. Dean makes more money than he did in his previous career but does not yet have the same status he enjoyed on his old job. Retirement is still many years away, and he has plenty of time to succeed in his new role and even possibly become a partner in the firm.

You are a life coach intern at Hope Bridges Life Coaching. You have been working in individual sessions Dean for two weeks. Your internship supervisor requests that during your next supervision session, you come prepared to staff Dean’s case by first evaluating the concept of a normative crisis that occurs in middle age by exploring credible sources. Your supervisor also requests that you address each of the following items in your next supervision session:

Refer to and apply Erikson’s theory on midlife crisis.
Relate Erikson’s work specifically to personal priority rearrangements that may occur in middle adulthood.
Explain how the concept of midlife crisis relates to lives of midlife males, transgender individuals, and females.

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