Assessment 1: (Word count 1200 words + or – 10%)

You are to write two short essays of 600 words each. Unlike traditional essays, these short essays will have a very small introduction and a very short conclusion (one or two sentences).

Short essay 1: The term ‘multiliteracies’ is preferred by some educationalists over the term ‘literacy.’ Explain what ‘multiliteracies’ means and how this differs from traditional ideas of literacy.

Short essay 2: Identify why a student may benefit from being taught in such a way in classrooms. In your response, consider how this may support students from different language and social class backgrounds.

Word count includes all text (headings, in-text citations, captions and direct quotes). It excludes the Reference List.

How to present work:

Give your work a title (s). Title each essay
Add a reference list at the end
Number your pages
Put your name and student ID in the header or footer

Please use these references:

Loane, G. & Muir, S. (2017). Developing Young Writers in the Classroom. Abingdon: Routledge. Ch.9

Kress, G (1997). Before writing: Rethinking the paths to 5-6

Freebody, P. (2013). Knowledge about Language, Literacy and Literature in the Teaching and

Learning of English, in A. Simpson, & S. White. Language, Literacy and Literature. South Melbourne, Vic: Oxford University Press. Ch. 1 (pdf has been attached)
Loane, G. & Muir, S. (2017). Developing Young Writers in the Classroom. Abingdon: Routledge. Ch. 4

Use Grellier, J. & Goerke, V. (2014). Communication toolkit. (3rd ed.). Melbourne, Vic.: Cengage in particular pp 144-150 to learn about summarising and refining the main ideas of a text.

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