Group Presentation: The purpose of this project is to investigate how interpersonal communication is presented in electronic communication with Online Life Coaches. You will be required to conduct research and analyze how communication functions within the context of that particular electronic communication. Expectations for this project include:
– Explain, describe, and provide visual examples of the electronic communication.
• Name of site, URL, type of site, date started
• Audience demographics, number of subscribers/users, rank inpopularity, growth line
• Monthly visitors/participation rate
• Costs to usrs/funding for site/profitability
• Sign up process/requirementes (guest vs member)/ cancellation
– Conduct research on your topic of interest. A minimum of two academic sources per group member is required that are related to your topic. These must be verbally cited (author, date, and source) in your presentation to the class and in your detailed outline/bibliography.
– Your presentation should link your topic to interpersonal communication theories, concepts, and principles. Group presentations should demonstrate a clear and in depth understanding . For example, you can look at some of the interpersonal communication theories and how they may be affected by your electronic communication topic. You could also look at some of the concepts from topics such as self-disclosure, perception, impression management, nonverbal communication, etc., and see how they relate to your electronic communication topic.

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