In an essay of 500 to 650 words, please answer the questions below.
• You may only use the reading entitled Strangers Within Our Gates.
• You must cite this source using MLA format.
• Your essay must use 12-point Times New Roman font (if you type it). You may also
write your essay by hand and submit pictures of your writing.
• You must include page numbers.
• Please double-space your pages.
• You must include a title page (which includes your name, the date, the instructor’s name,
and the name of the assignment).

Essay Questions
Background Information
Strangers Within Our Gates is a now infamous book published in 1909 and written by J.S.
Woodsworth. Woodsworth was a minister and social reformer who later went on to found the
Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (the precursor of the modern-day New Democratic
Party). His Social Gospel background made him interested in the situation of the poor and, in
particular, the immigrants who came to his city of Winnipeg in the later 1800s and early 1900s.
His book was meant to educate Canadians about these immigrants but also offer solutions about
how they should be managed and integrated into the Canadian-born population. Some of his
ideas were progressive for the time. Other ideas were conservative or what we might call ‘racist’.
Your job in this essay is to try to explain Woodsworth’s perspective on immigrants. Your essay
should attempt to address the questions below.
Questions to address in your essay:
How does Woodsworth describe different immigrant communities? In his opinion, what are the
differences between these communities? Give at least three specific examples from the Strangers
Which immigrant communities are the most desirable kinds of immigrants, according to
Woodsworth? Which communities should be excluded from Canadian society?
Please note: A good (‘B+’ or ‘A-’) answer will attempt to make and defend an argument. That
means you should have a thesis statement in your introduction which is defended throughout
your paper.

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