Please write a short essay (400-500 words) in response to John F. C. Turner’s articles, “Approaches to Government Sponsored Housing” (1972), and “The Squatter Settlement” (1968). What is the best solution for developing nations around the world to address the housing shortage?

Please use the reading, no outside sources please!
Please focus your discussion on the questions below. Make sure that your response addresses specifically the reading. Avoid generalizations.

Please summarize Turner’s argument and substantiate your essay by discussing some of his
examples. The following points may help you:

“Approaches to Government Sponsored Housing” (1972)

o Page 5: compare figure 2.a. and 2.b. what is the author’s point in this comparison?

o What are the advantages of housing built by a large organization versus housing built
by the users themselves?

o What are the “renewable resources” for housing construction in a developing nation
according to Turner?

o What is the principle of requisite variety in cybernetics, and how does this principle apply to housing to achieve stability?

o What should be the government’s role to facilitate housing provision / construction?

“The Squatter Settlement: An Architecture that Works”:

o What does Turner mean when he writes that “the squatter … builder … forms himself in the

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