In Written Assignment 6, respond to the following question.

What are the various factors that go into setting the most appropriate price for a product, and how would you systematically determine that price? (Suggested length: 150 to 200 words)

Written Assignment 7

Submit a fully developed essay in response to each of the following questions. Note that there is a suggested length for each question.

  1. Review the Simplified Model of Consumer Behavior. Then reflect on a meaningful purchase you made recently. Describe your decision-making process and any psychological or sociological influences that affected any step in the process. (Suggested length: 150 to 200 words)
  2. Select a product or service that you think has a valuable trade dress. Describe the elements of the trade dress and explain how each element contributes to the overall impact this product or service makes on consumers. (Note: use an example not in the text.) (Suggested length: 150 to 200 words)
  3. If a small business’ break-even analysis reveals the break-even volume to be 10,000 units at a price of $10, should it price its product at $10? Why or why not? (Suggested length: 100 to 200 words)
  4. In addition to a small business owner’s own cost and revenue analyses, what external factors should an entrepreneur consider when choosing a pricing strategy? Explain why for each factor. (Suggested length: 150 to 200 words)

Please show 2 separate work cited pages

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