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Discussion Questions

Topic A: Leadership Characteristics
1) Leadership Importance: Why do you think leadership is important?

2) Leadership Characteristics: What, in your opinion, are the top five characteristics (please rank them 1 through 5) of an effective leader? Do you think that your ranking of the top five leadership qualities would change for leaders in different circumstances? Why or why not? (Illustrate your answer with examples).

Topic B: Leadership Behavior & Motivation
1) The Motivation Process: Scenario: In this workplace, team members are not inspired; they are bored and not very productive. Please outline how the Leader can motivate individuals as well as the entire team. What will “drive” positive and spirited behavior; and how would you measure success?

2) Leadership Styles: Do you agree with the University of Michigan leadership style or the Ohio State university style OR do you think that there is need for a third approach? Why or why not? (Illustrate with examples).

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