The country will be Kenya

Define the most significant challenge facing a specific geographical area of the developing world. The paper will include justification as to why the challenge selected is the most significant (other challenges have to be identified and evaluated). Possible responses to the challenge, the effects of those responses on the countries of the area, and a recommendation on a practical course of action need to be identified. In developing the paper there has to be a knowledge of the relationship among capital investments, labor, outputs, depreciation, savings, technology, and other resources.

In the paper, incorporate the below and Cobb-Douglas production function

1. Evaluating the composition of the developing countries’ economic output.
2. Identify the root causes of the risks of doing business in developing countries.
3. Analyze the trade patterns of developing nations.
4. Critique the role of foreign aid in the developing world.
5. Compare doing business in the developed world with doing business in the developing world.

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