Evaluating the Airline Experience and Service Quality
At a minimum, your report should include the following topics:
1. Identify the airline’s position (as a legacy or low-cost carrier) and describe how the service mix caters to their target market.
2. Evaluate the eight service encounters based on customer reviews and secondary research.
3. Explain the importance of innovative in-flight services.
4. Describe the significance of service quality and how it can be measured.

• Paper will be writing in the APA format with In-text Citation (see Purdue OWL for example)
• Own Writing – No plagiarism
• Reference page: including the hyperlink to the scholarly sources from the “Hunt Library”
• Left Align with 2.0 space by “removing space before and after paragraph.”

• Written in essay format with at least three sections, a 150 word introduction, body content containing subject headings, and wrap-up or summary.

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