The news media are uniquely positioned to influence the functioning of democracies. Some, like Chomsky, believe that traditional news media in our country are influencing it for the worse. Sunstein argues that the Internet may only make the situation even worse, others that it will improve matters. Write an essay in which you discuss the function and the potential of the Internet.

The argumentative essay should be 1500 words minimum.

An argumentative essay should be written for a generally educated public. You can assume that the reader has read the course materials in question, but not that they have taken the course. This is not a book report. Do not spend too much summarizing what your audience will have already read. Make sure that your argumentative essay includes the following elements:

A clear thesis. There could be more than one answer to the question. Your job is to take a position by answering the question in the way you think is most reasonable. Thus, you first task is to clearly state your thesis.
Arguments in support of your thesis. You are to defend your thesis. Provide reasons that someone other than just you would accept.
Recognition of and response to at least one objection to your thesis statement. A good way to be both fair and strengthen your argument is to anticipate and respond to objections. Ask yourself, “What would someone who disagree with my thesis say, and why?” This demonstrates that you understand the issues thoroughly, have considered reasons on both sides, and have come to the conclusion that is most reasonable.
Reference to at least two works we have read in class. We are looking for your ability to make connections between readings.
This is not a research paper, so the use of outside sources is not encouraged. However, if you decide to use outside sources, you must document them.

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