Module 1 Assignment: Overview of Major Change


This assignment has two parts. In Part A, you define a major change and describe the facilitating forces you consider important. In Part B, you describe the constraining forces for change. In your description, you will demonstrate your ability to incorporate and integrate your learning from all aspects of the module.

This assignment has a total of 100 marks and is worth 10% toward your final grade.


Address the following in a 1,500 to 2,000 word report:

  • Part A: Major Change: Definition and Facilitating Forces
    1. Discuss the differences between a voluntary change and an imposed or mandatory change. Describe one challenge and one success in each of these changes. Use one personal example and one workplace example. (15 marks)
    2. Discuss your understanding of major change, incorporating information from your own experiences as well as insights you have gained from this module. Include personal or organizational anecdotes (actual behaviours or situations) whenever possible. Cite references to the readings to validate the information you use in this answer. (15 marks)
    3. Identify five factors that enable one to adapt to a change. Describe how each factor is a facilitator for change as identified in the readings. Compare how your personal viewpoints are similar or different from the viewpoints of the authors identified in the readings. (20 marks)
  • Part B: Major Change: Dynamics and Constraining Forces
    1. Discuss your understanding of the internal and external responses to change. In your discussion, identify one external reaction to change and one internal reaction to change and indicate how these could impede the movement through a change process. (16 marks)
    2. Discuss the concept of resistance and how employees respond to major change; incorporate information from your own experiences as well as insights you have gained from this module. (14 marks)
    3. Identify five obstacles to change. Indicate why these obstacles impede one to adapt to change. Use examples to illustrate how these obstacles provide challenges to a manager who is implementing a change plan. (20 marks)

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