Topic: Health Care Systems
1) Explain the growth of managed care that began in the 1980s.
2) As a result, how has health care delivery evolved?
3) What role do hospitals have in advancing continuous quality improvement (CQI) health
outcomes and modernizing U.S. healthcare delivery models?
4) Based on the literature, what does the future hold?

* PROFESSORS NOTE: If it is not common to everyone… it MUST be cited and referenced.
Be sure the information you cite includes the correct page number.


> A minimum of 3 peer-reviewed scholarly articles, the Bible, and class book (Shi & Singh, 2019).
> MUST follow the NEW APA 7th edition citation changes.
> ALL direct quotes and paraphrases must include page or paragraph number.
> A minimum of 550 words – NOT including citations.
> Bible verse that directly relates AND contributes to the topic, use the NIV Bible.
> NO cover sheet or headings required for this assignment.

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