Argumentative Essay for EINTY

Essay Question: In Everything I Never Told You, how do the hapa children experience naturalized hypodescent? How does this experience influence their view of themselves and their relationships with others?

Minimum word count: 1000 words

Each essay in this course is a chance for students to articulate their interpretation on readings. Essays should be grounded firmly in the theory we discuss in class—this means that the information presented in essays must provide factual/empirical information, careful and sensitive interpretation/close reading, and strong arguments built on theories addressed in the course.

Each essay must:

  • Adhere to MLA Style formatting
  • Be logically organized, clearly presented, and carefully proofread
  • Answer the essay prompt and meet the minimum guidelines (word count minimums)
  • Be copied and pasted into the submission box (do not attach as a file or as a link)
  • Be submitted in the appropriate Blackboard assignment; if you are late and decide to submit the paper to a future assignment, it will be removed and not graded

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