Papers should be 2-4 pages in length and APA Your paper needs to result in a discussion of the following
How does Renee Decorates contribute to what it means to be human?
~ How do your findings contribute to answering the question of “What does it mean to be human?”

E.g., if you chose to investigate a notable individual, then based on your investigation, how do you think he/she would answer that question (explicitly demonstrate how/why)? If you chose a concept/issue/procedure, then how does our knowledge of said concept/issue/procedure address the question of what it means to be human (again, show how/why)?


Written work is essential in psychological science. It forces students to think about the subject matter, creatively apply it, and effectively communicate their conclusions to others. All written work requires the students to apply the scientific principles they learn in the course, demonstrate their logical analysis skills, and exhibit clear and effective writing. Formatting.
Key points to use:
The mind and body problems were a controversial topic when it came to science and psychology. There is a debate if the mind and body are seen as the same entity. Many theorists have put effort into explaining the relationship of conscious thinking and your brain, which is part of your body, but it goes back and forth. Renee Descartes believed that the mind and body were a non-psychical entity and interacted separately. I think it is still being debated what is really true, and many people have their thoughts and theories on why their beliefs stand. He also believed himself to be a dualist, which is a person consists of two separate entities. I think that mind and body problem is fascinating. I think I agree with decorates theory, “I think therefore I am. “Although, in the way, I also disagree because it can a vague topic.
Monism-Those who believe that there is only on reality.
Dualism- A person who believes the mind and body are identifying as non-identical entities.
Materialism- Those who believe that everything in the universe is material, including those things that others refer to mental.
Idealism- Those who believe that the ultimate reality consists of ideas or perceptions and is therefore not physical.
Emergentism- The contention that mental processes emerge from brain processes
Interactionism- A proposed answer to the mind-body problem maintaining that bodily experiences influence the mind and that the mind influences that body.
Psychophysical parallelism- The contention that is experiencing something in the physical world causes bodily and mental activity simultaneously and that the two types of activities are independent of each other

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