● Answer in sentence form, a single paragraph, or a bulleted list.
● Use formal diction and correct grammar.
● Do not use secondary sources.
● Put six answer in six page
●Read both novel and the lecture

● Frankenstein author:Shelley
1.What does Shelley say about women’s fears of pregnancy, labour, birth, and motherhood?
2. Do the science errors in Frankenstein matter?
● Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius author:Borges
3.What is Borges saying about mirrors?
4.What is Borges saying about the distinction between reality and non-reality?
● The Comet author:Du Bois
5.In what ways are Jim and Julia alike?
●The Rhythm of the Spheres author:Merritt
6.How does Merritt intertwine creative arts and science?

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