The reading specialist/literacy coach has many roles. Often he or she has to use their professional judgement to decide the best ways to help students improve in reading and writing. They work collaboratively with classroom teachers to ensure that all students receive excellent literacy instruction. They often provide training, resources, and professional development for other educators as well as parents.

The following scenario will inform the assignment that follows.

Joey is a 6th grade student in a regular classroom. According to Informal Reading Inventories, he is reading at about a 3rd grade level. Until 4th grade, he was pulled out of the classroom for small group interventions. Since the intervention group has stopped, he has made minimal growth in reading and writing. When he is called to Mr. Santiago’s table to read with his group, he often complains that the words “jump around on the page,” and is reluctant to read aloud. When asked questions about the book read, he gives very little accurate information about what he read.
During independent reading and work time, Mr. Santiago reports that he has a hard time keeping his hands to himself and is constantly out of his seat, disrupting the classroom. Mr. Santiago is frustrated by Joey’s behavior and has admitted he loses his patience with Joey and is lost as to how to help him. He has expressed to you that he just does not seem motivated and will not even try. You have arranged a time to come and observe the situation in hopes of helping.
As you are leaving your observation, the instructional assistant in Mr. Santiago’s classroom, Julia, has come to you and expressed concern for how Mr. Santiago treats Joey. Specifically, she details the negative treatment of Joey during reading and writing instruction by Mr. Santiago.

In 500-750 words discuss the following based on the scenario:

The ethical dilemma for you as the literacy coach or reading specialist

How to act and communicate professionally in this situation

At least 4-5 steps to try to resolve the issues at hand

Minimum of 2-3 research-based strategies for Mr. Santiago to use to help address Joey’s academic needs

At least 2-3 resources to help Mr. Santiago support Joey’s academic and behavioral needs in the classroom

Minimum of 2-3 strategies or resources Mr. Santiago can give to Joey’s parents to support his academic and behavior needs at home

Provide a rationale to support how behaving ethically in your professional practice affects student achievement

Support your choices at least four scholarly resources.

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