A 2011 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 43 percent of employers offer cross-training of some kind to help workers become more proficient in tasks not related to their current jobs. Job rotation for executives is not new, but programs are now being designed for lower-level employees to help them sharpen their skills, stay motivated, and identify new jobs they may be interested in. At Intel Corp., employees can seek temporary assignments by searching an internal database with hundreds of listings. Employees apply for positions with the approval of their current manager and the hiring manager. Some positions last one year, while others last a few weeks or until a special project is completed.


1. What are some advantages (other than those stated) for developing a program that introduces employees to different jobs in your organization? What are some disadvantages?

2. Think about your current job or a job you have had in the past. If you had the opportunity to swap jobs within the organization, what KSAOCs would you have liked to learn?

Source: Weber & Kwoh (2012).

Exercise 10.1

Office of Personnel Management Director Says Federal Employees Need More Frequent Feedback

OPM director John Berry said employees should receive frequent recognition and praise for good performance from their bosses to keep them motivated and ensure that lines of communication remain open. Federal managers should provide positive feedback to employees at least once a week. He called the current personnel performance reviews “infrequent and rote,” and noted that everyone was rated as “above average.”


1. Assume you are a federal manager. What strategies or system would you develop to ensure that you are providing performance feedback on a regular basis to your staff members?

2. What strategies or system would you develop so that the lines of communication are open even when you might have staff who are uncomfortable discussing performance issues?

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