Read Hout, Porter, & Rudden’s (1982) article and review the three examples of the companies that were successful in competing globally. Each of the companies had a different approach to executing global strategy. In today’s current global environment, why should a company engage in international business?
Peng, M. (2012). The global strategy of emerging multinationals from China. Global Strategy Journal, 2(2), 97-107.

1) Provide a 600 to 800-word summary (formatted according to APA guidelines) answering the question(s) above using a minimum of 5 new peer reviewed journal articles and providing examples of companies who were successful in doing this. Is their strategy similar to the Hout, Porter, & Rudden (1982) article? Explain.

a) All questions/areas of the prompt are answered in a well-thought-out manner and supported using appropriate research & examples.

b) Obvious and intensive scholarly research beyond the minimum requirement.

c) Professional vocabulary, writing style and tone are used consistently throughout discussion. Any sources used are properly referenced/cited in APA format (7th edition).

d) Strong support for content provided using doctoral level analysis.

e) No spelling/grammatical errors

f) For doctoral writing, try to not use the “I, me, my” and other personalized writing in your initial post. Rather write as a neutral researcher relying on your sources for support. The personal agreements and generalized statements are not as strong for scholarly writing.

g) Journals, journal, journals. Yes, for doctoral level writing, your work should be supported by scholarly sources/journals and include a well-presented synthesis of the information, not simple quotes.

h) Break the discussions into sections that use titles, subtitles, etc. Some may call this a form of tiered writing style. This is normal scholarly, doctoral writing (this is also discussed in the APA manual).

2) In addition, attach a 200 to 250 word annotated bibliography to the forum that adheres to following format APA format (7th edition)..

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