Examination of Poverty paper
After reading Caught in the Net and learning about the criminalization of poverty.

1. Do a little research and examine ways in which the courts, criminal justice systems, and other institutions place insurmountable barriers on the poorest of Americans.

Note: Make sure to look for scholarly sources (data-driven, research articles, professional/trade sources, government sources, etc.) and not onion pieces (like blogs, Facebook posts, etc.).

2. From your research choose the criminalization of poverty issue(s) that stand out to you the most and/or you are most concerned about regarding the criminalization of poverty.

3. Identify what part(s) of the courts and criminal justice system create barriers for the poor, how, and why. What conclusions can be drawn about the consequences of such long-standing practices?

4. Write up your examination in a 5-page paper, plus 1 reference page. Include at least 2 scholarly sources to support what you have identified. This is not your opinion but must be based on facts. Do not write this from the first-person point of view. For example, do not use “I”.

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