Required Written Assignment (200 points)
A written assignment is required not only to enhance your learning opportunities in Psychology, but to utilize and improve your writing skills, and your multicultural knowledge. The ability to communicate in written form will serve you in your future academic work, increase your career marketability, and hopefully enhance your chances of survival in an increasingly complex society. It is hoped that this written assignment will broaden your exposure to, arouse your interest in, and increase your knowledge of psychology in your own culture, and/or different cultures.
The purpose of this project is threefold: 1) To help each student become more self-aware of his/her own thoughts about diversity through introspection, self-examination, and active questioning of own biases and stereotypes. 2) To allow for an open dialogue about various diversity topics, in order to learn through our research about multiculturalism, pluralism, and diversity.
Each student is expected to conduct research on the topic that he/she has the least familiarity with.
You might select one topic from the following list:
1: African and African-American Culture: Discuss the psychological impact of slavery.
2: Asian and Asian-American Culture: Why are Asian Americans referred to as the “Model Minority”?
3: Hispanic/Latino Culture: Discuss the cultural or familial experiences of three specific Hispanic groups (e.g., Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, & Cubans).
4: Jewish Culture and the Holocaust: What are the psychological effects of the Holocaust?
5: Native-American Culture: Do sports mascots dishonor Native Americans? Discuss both sides of the controversy.
6: Immigrant/Refugee: Why do individuals from other countries immigrate to the United States?
7: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Relationships: Discuss differences within the gay, lesbian, & bisexual communities supported by psychological research.
8: Men’s & Women’s Issues: Do males and females receive equal treatment in our society today? Explain gender differences based on your research.
9: White/Caucasian Culture: Is the experience of a White/Caucasian individual really different from a minority member? Provide supporting evidence for your answer.
10: Individuals with Physical Disabilities and/or Mental Illness.
11: Myths about sexuality.
12: The role of culture and ethnicity on a variable or issues important to Human development.
13: The differential influence of peers and parents on our development.
14: Methods for preventing and resolving parent-adolescent conflict or the effect of parental conflict on adolescent development, or effective parenting styles for successfully working with adolescents or effects of divorce on adolescence.
15: The relationship of popularity in high school and future success in college and adulthood.
16: Religion, race, culture, gangs, drug addiction, depression among college students.
17: Eating disorders and their effective treatment.
18: Identity development in social relationships, sexual relationships, education, or occupation.
19: Video games, and Brain development, individual aggression, culture.
20: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages about sharing information about your physical disabilities and/or mental illness?
You are asked to write 6-8 pages typed double spaced research/reaction paper worth up to 200 points. You will present your research on a psychological topic of interest to you and you need to offer your reactions (thoughts, feelings, and opinions) about your research findings and your topic. How does your topic relate to your life?
Creativity is encouraged in completing this project.
Your paper should have a bibliography of at least 4 hard copies or electronic version of current primary or secondary references (other than your text) that you have consulted in the writing of your paper. You can use books, book chapters, and journal articles as reference material for your paper.
Encyclopedias are NOT acceptable resources for a College level research paper. Using only internet sources such as New York Times, Psychology today, and Washington post are NOT acceptable.

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