This assignment includes only a few readings that help us understand a part of the history of the women’s movement and theorizing of feminisms in the US. A lot of information is left out in this short semester. Hence to give you a context for Black feminisms/multiracial feminisms (the readings) that emerged during the second wave/third wave of the women’s movement I have posted a set of slides ( WGS history and perspectives uploaded under course material), please keep it open as you do your readings.

Respond (in 200 words each) to the following questions:

Describe how “black feminism” (Combahee collective) articulates a politics for addressing intersecting/interlocking oppressions.
What is “Le Mestiza consciousness”? (check out the slide on Chicana feminisms)
Describe the framework of “intersectionality.”
Discuss the evolution of Women’s and Gender Studies as a discipline within US universities.
Assigned readings for mapping/theorizing the field of Women’s and Gender and Sexuality Studies/feminisms:

Demita Frazier, Beverly Smith, and Barbara Smith (1977) Combahee River Collective Statement con1/combrivercoll.html
Anzaldua, Gloria (1987). Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza. Chap 7 ”La Conciencia de la Mestiza: Toward a New Consciousness” San Francisco: Aunt Lute Books.
Autostraddle (2014). “The Illustrated (And Quite Condensed) History of Women’s Studies”
Crenshaw, Kimberlee (2015). The Urgency of Intersectionality
Additional resources that explain the above:

Films: Makers: Women Who made America. Part 1/Part 2/Part 3

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