Discussion: Going Crazy
In our society, there sometimes seems to be a belief that mental health is less important than physical health. Some people with mental health issues are often stigmatized. Because of this stigma, many people who might benefit from treatment for mental health problems fail to seek treatment.
In please address some or all of the following:
• Do you agree that there is a stigma regarding mental health in our society? What causes this stigma?
• Do you think this sort of stigma exists in other cultures?
• Do you believe that mental and physical wellness is connected? Why or why not?
• What do you think needs to be done, at either a local or national level, to overcome the stigma about mental health?
• How can we ensure that people who need mental health treatment have access to it?

Please remember:

Please remember that your discussion should be well written, refer to any resources, and give personal opinions that have been thoughtfully constructed, and be of appropriate length to fully support and explain your position. please make sure to include a global perspective related to your topic.

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