The story of stuff:
The story of change:

1) A link to something describing a current social change/activism effort (if relevant, a link to the official website)
2) A paragraph summarizing the effort, including:
*The goal (What specific social change is being sought? What problem is being addressed?)
*The strategies for achieving the goal
*Who is involved?
3) A paragraph or two connecting your social change effort to The Story of Stuff, The Story of Change, and the U.N. Happiness Report.
*For instance, describe how you think Leonard (the narrator of Story of Stuff and Story of Change) would evaluate this social change effort. Specifically incorporate at least one of her ideas as you evaluate your social change example. (Your social change effort does not need to address the same problems Leonard discusses in the video clips; you just need to apply her ideas to your example).
*Does your social change example address any of the factors mentioned in the UN Happiness Report? Based on the criteria this report discusses, would this social change effort help to increase the U.S.’s ranking on the World Happiness Index?

The videos above prompt us to question our standard social goals (such as buying the latest and greatest thing) and measures of collective well-being (such as the GDP).

So, how do we determine what we should be aiming for as a society? What are the things that make a difference in our quality of life, and how is that connected to what’s happening at a social/structural level?

These are questions taken up by the United Nations in their World Happiness Report. This report ranks countries based on how the people within it respond to a number of different questions about their well-being. Where does the U.S. rank? Which country is “happiest”?

The Top 20 happiest countries include:

The Netherlands
New Zealand
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
This list tells us where countries rank relative to others, but it doesn’t tell us why. Why are people in Finland happier than people in the U.S.?

This is what the UN Happiness Report discusses in detail.

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