Discussion Board 1: Introduction to Visual Communication

Research: Using the internet as a resource, research the definition of visual communication.


Based on your readings and research, in your own words, what is the definition of visual communication?
Why is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs relevant to Visual Communication?
Communication is increasingly visual in modern, mediated society. How do you participate and contribute to visual communication on a daily basis? Have you had any challenges participating in this predominantly visual form of communication?
350+ word count

Discussion Board 2a: Nonverbal Communication
Research: Using your assigned readings and videos as well as the internet as resources, research the different types of nonverbal communication.
What type of nonverbal communication does fashion fall under? How do you personally use color, clothing and/or hairstyle to nonverbally communicate?
Can you think of a time when you misinterpreted someone else’s facial expression or body language? What happened and how would you handle the situation differently now that you’ve completed our readings and research?
350+ word count minimum


Discussion Board 2b: Lasswell Communication Model


In the Lasswell Communication Model an example was given for an Online Sunglasses Company with the intention of promoting their business. The suggested channel was a Billboard on Westbound 80.
What additional Channels would you recommend them to advertise their business on? Be specific.
Why did you suggest those channels to this Online Sunglass Company and why do you think those Channels would reach their audience?
What effect do you think those specific channels would have on the audience?
350+ word count minimum

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