**To watch the first required video, visit the following page:
Kimmel (2015)

**To watch the second required lecture by Dines (2016), visit the following page:

**To read the interview with Gail Dines (2012), visit the following page:

Pornography and Gender Politics Within Neoliberalism

Professor Michael Kimmel makes the case that expanding gender equality has benefits for both men and women. Increasing productivity, happiness, satisfaction, life expectancy and well-being have all been linked to the enactment of gender equality in relationships. More specifically, Kimmel argues that the recent generation of younger men are more likely to enact greater gender equality and are much more open to egalitarian relationships. Other social analysts, such as Robert Jensen and Gail Dines, argue that popular culture and media both reflect and reinforce gender inequality. These authors present evidence that younger men and women are highly unequal and are unlikely to develop a feminist (or egalitarian) worldview. They argue that current pornographic media represents the latest manifestation of inequality and the social and sexual subjugation of women. Given the mass consumption of violent and dehumanizing pornography and the alarmingly high rates of sexual violence in America, how is the gender equality that Kimmel discusses to be realized? How can the divergent (and perhaps contradictory) trends offered by these analysts be reconciled?

*After watching the TedTalks by Michael Kimmel and Gail Dines and reading the interview with Gail Dines, outline the prospects for gender equality.

*Your post should be focused on answering the following:

Are the benefits of egalitarian relationships for men strong enough to outweigh the potential feelings of power and control that are gained through sexual domination?
How does Kimmel’s approach differ from Dines?
What are the key barriers to gender equality according to Kimmel and Dines?
*Citing evidence from all 3 sources, craft a 500+ word initial response that outlines the possibility of positive social change given the various social, cultural and historical barriers that are present.

Please keep the following parameters in mind as you craft your initial post and “replies”:

*In your initial post, please respond with a minimum of 500+ words. You may exceed the 500 word minimum. Please keep your initial post under 1000 words.

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