Prompt : Using Thomas More’s Utopia as your primary text, discuss the significance
or importance of creating a place that does not or cannot exist as the setting of a
science fiction work.
Demonstrate the ability and skills to craft a critical argument on (an analysis of) science fiction in
a short written essay.
● Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12, 2.5 cm margins on all sides
● Follow MLA format — see the sample paper on the Purdue Owl website:
● Do not include a Works Cited page
● Do not use secondary sources
● Submit a Word format NOT a PDF
Essay Writing Tips:
1. Introductory Paragraphs
● THESIS statement (this is the overall argument of the essay) — it can be placed
anywhere within the intro. paragraph
● State the MAIN POINTS that will be used to prove your argument (use the same
order as in the body paragraphs)
● Do NOT give or discuss evidence
● Add important information
● 3 to 6 sentences
● Consider WHY this thesis is significant or important or HOW it contributes to a
specific discussion (for example, in terms of race relations)
2. Body Paragraphs
● ONE main point per paragraph
● Begin the paragraph with a TOPIC sentence (what is the paragraph about?) (this
could be the second sentence of the paragraph if the first sentence is a
transitional one)
● Include evidence from the primary text
● Explain the connection between the point and the evidence
● Explain the connection between the point and the overall thesis
● Try to have transitional phrases connecting the paragraphs (either at the end of
one paragraph or the beginning of the next)
● A direct quotation is one in which the text is from the source is copied verbatim in
the essay and is placed in quotation marks
● An indirect quotation is one in which the text from a source is given in the essay
but the wording is changed (no quotation marks)
● Identify all direct and indirect quotations within the body of the essay according to
the MLA format — failure to cite sources properly may constitute plagiarism
3. Concluding Paragraphs
● In general, this is a repeat of the introduction, worded DIFFERENTLY
● Do NOT add new evidence or points
● Perhaps include a new direction for investigation
● At least 3 sentences are required for this assignment
4. General Dos
● Give your essay title that indicates the subject of the essay
● Italicize titles of books, journals, magazines
● Place titles of essays, short stories, songs in quotation marks
● Use double quotation marks throughout
● Use single quotation marks for quotations within quotations
● Incorporate quotations into your grammatically correct sentences
● Place page numbers on the page header, right align
● Use formal diction
● Disable the word program’s orphan and widow controls, if possible
● Give some context to quotations (for example, who is speaking)
● Italicize foreign phrases (such as verbatim)
5. General Don’ts
● Do not underline, italicize, place in quotation marks, enlarge your title
● Do not use second person pronouns (considered informal in English) unless they
are within a direct quotation
● Do not use colloquialisms (slang) unless they are within a direct quotation
● Do not use clichés or popular phrases unless they are within direct quotations
● Do not use the abbreviations (such as etc.)
● Do not use contractions (such as don’t)
● Do not summarize the plot of the story

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