Directions: Please write a short answer response (2 -3 paragraphs minimum–10 to 15 lines in the text box) in response to the following question: ”

What was the English view of race and savagery as it evolved in their treatment of the Irish and Native Americans?

You might also want to consider the views expressed by Michael Omni and Harold Winant in a synopsis of their arguments in Racial Formations.

Write a thoughtful, well written answer. Your response will be graded on the basis of content (how well you respond to the question) and on the quality of your response (grammar, spelling, syntax,

Racial Formations

Michael Omni & Harold Winant

Why do we as Americans need racial classifications?

To comply with federal record keeping requirements
To facilitate programs for prevention of genetic diseases
Origins of race classification?

Largely a modern phenomenon
Social contact with different people
Religious debate over racially distinct people
A rationale for exploitation
Controversies in scientific field of genetics and educational psychology
Race as a Social Concept

The social sciences reject biologistic notions of race and favor interpretations which define race as a social concept
Racial categories and the meaning of race are given concrete expression by specific social relations and historical context
American Concepts of Race

The black/white color line has been rigidly defined and enforced in American society
By contrast, Latin American countries have less sharply defined racial groupings
The British use the term “black” to refer to all non-whites
The Meaning of Race

Race is defined and contested throughout society
Racial categories are formed, transformed, destroyed and re-formed
Racial formations refer to the process by which social, economic and political forces determine the content and importance of racial categories
Racial Etiquette

We all learn some rule of racial classification without obvious teaching
Race becomes “common sense” a way of understanding or explaining behavior
Temperament, sexuality, intelligence, athletic ability, aesthetic preferences, et cetera, are all explained by race
Racial Ideology and Racial Identity

We use race to provide clues about who a person is
As Americans, when we cannot racially categorize we typically experience discomfort and dissonance
In U.S. society a type of “racial etiquette” exists codes of behavior and interaction for daily life
Racialization: The Historical Development of Race

We use the term racialization to signify the extension of racial meaning to a previously racially unclassified relationship, social practice or group
Racialization is an ideological process defined by a historical context
Permanence of Race

The persistence of racial ideology suggest that stereotypes are not easily disposed
Stereotypes are, in American society, too essential and integral to social order.
We tend to view race as something fixed and immutable something rooted in nature

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