Find two curriculum maps and one lesson plan for each curriculum map. You can use maps and lesson plans used in your current school, in your field experience placement, or found online. Each curriculum map should be from a different content area.

Write a 750-1,000-word essay that addresses:

Comparing and contrasting different styles for designing curriculum.
Similarities and differences between the two reviewed curriculum maps.
Articulation of the connection between curriculum mapping and lesson plans.
A critique of how each lesson plan is aligned with its corresponding curriculum map.
Include 3-5 scholarly articles to support your critique.

An abstract is not required.


This week you will complete your Curriculum Mapping Essay. You are going to search for and select two curriculum maps and offer a critique following the guidance in your syllabus. Please follow APA guidelines for formatting your paper. You may complete this assignment as a table or graphic organizer. Just be sure to address numbers 1-4 in the assignment instructions.

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