1. Analyze what were Europe’s historic contributions to the development of the world’s present political order. Evaluate how did they affect Europe itself.
2. Analyze what impacts have industrialization had on Europe’s natural environment.
3. Deduce which Europe Rivers are longest and most navigable.

Write an essay answering the previous three questions.

You are strongly encouraged to illustrate your answer with pictures or photography’s.

• You should write an introduction paragraph/half a page presenting the three questions you have to answer to.

• You should write about one paragraph/one page on each of your answer, so about three total paragraphs or three pages.

• You should write a conclusion paragraph/half a page reflecting on the three questions you previously answered.

• Your answers must be supplemented with additional information from at least two sources.

• You cannot use encyclopedias or online encyclopedias as sources. Online journals are acceptable, as well as online articles as long as you provide your references preferably under MLA format or any other consistent format.

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