Answer the following:

Set 1: 250 words

What is meant by Chaos Theory of organization, and how does it work in public organizations?
How does “Shake and Crack” work in public organizations?
What is meant by “bifurcation and butterfly effect”?
Does Donald Trump represent Order or Chaos? How?
Set 2: 300 words

Chapter 4 of Farazmand book discusses Organizational Elite Theory, which has many implications for public administrators, managers, politicians, and citizens. What does Farazmand mean by Organizational Elite (OE)?
How does OE Theory operate in public organizations?
Explain the three levels of organizational elites at FAU (Apex elites, Linking elites, and Operational elites).
Identify and briefly explain some of the most powerful state or national elites (families/names) in the US.
What is meant by Invisibility Shielding?
What is meant by the “Interlocking directorates” or “Inner Circle elites”?
In addition, include at least one self-initiated question at the end of your response.

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