Case Study
Assignment 1 – case study critique of 2,000 words (± 10%) on cessation obesity. This does not include words that make up the reference list, the citations within the case study document and any tables or diagrams. Please submit your assignment as a WORD document using Arial 12 font with 1.5 line spacing.
Case study 2 – obesity
1. How would you define the obesogenic environment? Include some specific examples to explain the definition. (250 words)
2. Within the context of globalisation what has been the international response of countries most affected by the increase in obesity levels? (250 words)
3. Choose ONE factor that causes obesity and using appropriate evidence discuss its effect on obesity levels. Then critically analyse the evidence base for some of the health promotion actions that could be taken to reduce obesity levels caused by this factor. Include some appraisal of the health promotion theory governing these actions. (1,000 words)
4. A new healthy eating café is opening close to a large secondary school. What kind of marketing strategy should the café use to encourage pupils to buy food from them, rather than from the local burgers and chips café? (500 words)
The following resources are provided as a starting point to highlight some of the issues. Your case study submission will include a broad yet specific range of references appropriate to your intervention choices. Referencing guidelines are enclosed for your information. Please ensure that you use this system for referencing and citing and no other. This means that references must be listed in alphabetical order at the end of the case study and citations must be written in the text using the author(s)’ surname(s) and year of publication.

UK Government and Childhood Obesity

Foresight Projects

Obesogenic Environments


European Commission

US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

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