The paper assignment involves choosing a specific disability and doing research that allows you to address a number of key questions related to that disability. The assignment involves research using the web, and perhaps making contact with people who can provide you information about the disability. The paper should be fully referenced (ASA format), double-spaced and about 10 pages.

What disability have you chosen? Williams Syndrome
History of the disability (if known)?

About what proportion of the general population have this particular disability?
At what age do people typically become disabled?
Are there any particular groups that are more likely to have this disability?
IDH Framework
Trace the disability in terms of impairment – disability—handicap.
To what extent does the IDH framework help explain what is seen with the disability?
How are persons with this disability viewed? Is there stigma associated with the disability?
What are the disadvantages associated with persons with this disability? (for example employment, marriage, or other disadvantages?).
What are the advantages associated with persons with this disability?
Public policy: Are there any governmental responses to this specific disability? What are they?

Treatment: What are the primary “treatments” for this disability? Are they aimed at prevention, resolving disease, the impairment, the disability or the handicap?

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