Your response needs to adequately cover the topic which in general should take at least 200 words.

Investigate the ways in which human-caused water shortages, contamination, floods, or other processes associated with fresh water (e.g. erosion and deposition of sediment) have affected human history. Choose a specific example in history and describe it. Include when a historical event occurred, effects, etc., and describe how society responded. What effects did those responses have? Finally, do you think the event described could happen again? Where and why?

Since this is not a writing assignment but a discussion, you will not need to formally reference your work but need to attribute it to the source you found it, something likely you do in everyday conversation. For example, “Yesterday I was reading in the Washington Post that . . ” or, “I found this interesting video on YouTube.” At a minimum, include a list of URLs of webpage’s consulted at the bottom of your post.

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