ESSAY 1: 17.5ptsIn chapter 1 of Robert Dahl’s book, “Who Governs,” Dahl poses the question: “How does a ‘democratic’ system work amid inequality of resources? (3). What is Dahl’s answer? In this essay describe the transition Dahl lays out from Oligarchy to Pluralism. What did this transition entail? In each period which group held power? What led to the transition between different eras of politics? What happened to political resources during each transition? How does Dahl tie the rise of the Ex-Plebs to ethnic political assimilation? In the final analysis what is Dahl’s model of politics? What were the critiques we leveled against Dahl (you should be able to name and explain at least 4)? End the essay by ransacking him.In answering this question you should consider the following: What does Dahl means by a “political community”?What role do the economic and social notables play in politics?What role do organizations, political parties, and interests groups play in the political process?What is the state for Dahl? What underpins the state and what does it reinforce? What is Dahl’s unit of analysis?


ESSAY 2: 17.5ptsRead carefully the article,“The Corporate Bailout Doesn’t Include the Limits Democrats Promised” (Politico 2020-Grunwald). The article can be found as a pdf in the Exam 1 folder.Answer the following questions:a.Imagine that you are Robert Dahl sitting in you plush office at Yale (after being raised from the dead), write an editorial for the California Aggie responding to the article in Politico based on what you wrote in the book “Who Governs.” (7pts)b.Imagine you are either Max Weber or C. W. Mills (having also been recently resurrected), drawing on Bureaucracy, and Politics as a Vocation (for Weber) or The Power Elite (ch. 1, 11, 12, 13 for Mills) respond to Dahl’s op-ed and the article. How would you interpret the article and Dahl’s response?(7pts)c.Which of these two interpretations do you favor and why? Be specific in the reasons you give for preferring one position or the other. (3.5pts)

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