Read Chapter six of :  Hinman, Ethics: A Pluralistic Approach to Moral Theory, 5th edition and answer questions In your own words below. If you use quotes please site (MLA Style) from this textbook.

Deontology and Kant

  1. State the first version of the categorical imperative. Why was Kant concerned with developing a rule or test that would be characterized by universality and why did he think it was necessary that maxims be judged by their capacity for universal application?
  2. Why did Kant focus his ethics on the motive of the moral agent rather than on the consequences of action? In his ethics what makes an act morally worthy? What determines if an act is the correct act? What qualifies an act as morally good action?
  3. Why did Kant think it was important to develop maxims in principles? How does this relate to Kant’s concern for consistency and objectivity? How does this relate to Kant’s belief in the importance of the mental faculty of reason? Relate the preceding ideas to the ethical topic of character development.
  4. How would you explain the moral insights associated with Kantian ethics? What criticisms may be directed toward a Kantian approach?

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