You will be required to choose from one of the following five topic areas
and to write a 1,000 words report, along with presentations slides (I will
refer to this as a presentation report) and a 10 minutes recorded
presentation. The five topics are as follows:
1. Institutional voids in Asia versus over-regulation in the West
2. Entering the Myanmar market: Challenges and opportunities for
Western MNEs
3. The role of Asia in the global factory: An analysis of the apparel
sector in Indonesia
4. The impact of China’s One Belt One Road initiative on Western
5. The impact of counterfeit goods from Asia: Is Asia serious about
addressing this problem?
You will be expected to demonstrate that you have engaged in a fair
amount of research on your chosen topic. Your research will be expected to
be current. You will be expected to clearly state why your chosen topic is of
importance (i.e. why is it significant in international trade and especially in
the Asian context). You will be assessed on your ability to present a
coherent message on your chosen topic in your presentation report.
You will be assessed using the following criteria:
• Importance of the chosen subject matter explained (5 marks)
• Analysis of the issues identified (8 marks)
• Theory identification and integration (8 marks)
• Recommendation provided (4 marks)
• Level of research into the subject matter (6 marks)
• Quality of the presentation report (slides and written report) (10
• Delivery effectiveness: Recorded presentation (5 marks)
• Logical and coherent presentation (2 marks

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