1. Describe the differences between bus, ring, star and mesh topologies.
  2. Explain the TCP/IP Model in terms of functions at each layer. How do the layers map to the OSI Model layers?
  3. The Transport layer provides two service protocols: UDP and TCP. Explain the differences between the two protocols in terms of guaranteed vs. non-guaranteed service and connection-oriented versus connection-less communication.
  4. Describe the different WLAN standards within the 802.11 family. What is a rogue access point?

2-3 References

  1. Describe the functions of hubs/repeaters, bridges, switches, routers, and gateways. At what layers of the OSI model does each device operate?
  2. Describe the following types of network attacks: denial of service (and DDoS), malformed packet attacks, flooding,  sniffing, Ransomware, DNS hijacking, and drive-by download. Give an example of a DoS or DDoS attack and describe how it overwhelms a target system.
  3. Depending on their needs and budget, companies can choose from a variety of perimeter security options. Discuss the differences between packet-filtering, stateful inspection, proxy, dynamic packet filtering, kernel proxy, and next generation firewalls and how they provide security filtering to protect the perimeter.

2-3 References

Short answers pls like 100-150 words.

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