To begin this assignment, research a scholarly article relative to diversity in higher education. Then write a paper with the following:
• Provide a synopsis of the article and the diversity issue (gender, ethnicity, cultural, institutional, etc.).
• Analyze the issues that arise as academic organizations work to overcome the challenges inherent in a diverse a climate. (Include one higher education organization with which you are familiar.)
• What are the particular challenges presented by the need to provide a quality learning space for all students and a climate that will support an open exchange of ideas?
• Argue the concepts related to decision making in an institution of higher education as it relates to groups with a variety of values and the complexity these issues raise from a management and leadership perspective on campus.
Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.
Length: 4 pages, not including the title and reference pages
References: Include a minimum of three scholarly resources

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