Just need short/brief answers for these five questions in response to the movie, “A Better Life”.


1. Immigrants come to the United States for “a better life.” Is this the case, based on the movie? Provide two examples from the movie to support your answer.

2. Explain how second-generation immigrants lose touch with their language and culture. Support your answers with two examples from the movie.

3. What positive aspects of Latin American culture does this movie show? Provide two examples from the movie to support your answer.

4. How is this movie similar to “tradiciones,” which highlight traditions, customs, and language style of a region? Provide two examples from the movie.

5. Explain how the harsh economic conditions for working immigrants in the U.S. affect their family. How could this affect the next generation negatively? How could this end up being similar to the conditions in the countries from which they left?

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