TOPIC: You are a Murdoch University Criminology Intern at a Community Safety department of a West Australian Council. You have been tasked with preparing a briefing for the new Mayor on ‘What is Community Policing’ and the key factors behind the move to community policing in many jurisdictions in several countries including Australia and the United States. The new Mayor wishes to have a meeting with the local area Police Commander on Community Policing and crime reduction within his Council area and this briefing is vital for him to be able to discuss these issues intelligently with the Police. (Hint it is important in your work to discuss the four dimensions of Community Policing, the possible benefits of community policing and any possible problems in implementation (and the key factors mentioned above behind its acceptance in many jurisdictions).

!) 2.54cm margins, double spaced and 2000 words excluding references
2)It is expected that you will draw heavily on empirical literature to prove your argument. Your response will include a minimum of 15 references. It is acceptable to use government reports (e.g., the Australian Institute of Criminology reports) and evaluations undertaken by government agencies in addition to peer-reviewed academic sources (journal articles or edited books). Unpublished web pages are not acceptable sources of information, neither is Wikipedia

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