Write a 3- to 4-paragraph, 400 word minimum essay describing and discussing the Rock Cycle

describe the important aspects of the 3 rock families and how they relate to each other in the Rock Cycle

provide specific examples of each rock family

discuss the outer Rock Cycle and the alternate paths

Your essay should be accompanied by a citation list in MLA or scientific format with at least three citations. One of these citations may be the textbook. Two must be external. References may include books and refereed journal articles, certain valid news outlets (specifically, Newsweek, Time, Fortune, National Geographic, Wall Street Journal, New York Times), government sources (state, local, and federal, generally have a .gov in their website address), or universities and museums (generally have.edu in their website addresses) (e.g., wikipedia is not acceptable). Please include references within the text of your essay that relate to your citation list (i.e., let me know where you have used material in your text from your citation sources). If you reference a web site, you must include the exact web address. You may use no more than two quotes in your text of no more than two sentences each.

Your grade will be based on approximately 60% for content, 20% for grammar and spelling, and 20% for citations and references. To receive credit, your essay must be evaluated by SafeAssign and your similarity index should be less than 25%.

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