There appears to be growing agreement in recent research that the way educators view diversity matters. Specifically, do we view diversity as something that has to be “managed,” in which case we proceed in a rather checkbox approach to addressing all issues related to diversity? Or do we take an entirely different approach, in which diversity is embraced and infused into the campus culture and decision-making process? In a 1980-2640 word analytical paper address the following:

What is the difference between managing diversity and embracing diversity? Include specific examples to illustrate your point.
What are the pros and cons of each approach to diversity?
Should the burden to “fit in” to an existing institutional structure be placed on students or is it the responsibility of educators to create an environment where all students’ voices are appreciated. Explain your answer.
Are there any legal and/or ethical concerns with either approach?
How would you suggest a college/university transition from a management approach to one where diversity is embraced?

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